Jan 29, 2008

Bear and Mantis

This is a remake of an image I drew in school. We were talking about the perfect tattoo.. and I wanted either a polar bear or a praying mantis. Couldn't decide. My buddy Pen Ward suggested I just have both. Kissing. The original turned out really sensual.. I was kinda taken aback. I dunno if this lives up to the original's romance, but I like it. Kinda underlines the idea that as artists, we can take any subjects at all, and wrench whatever emotion we want out of them. Thats a really liberating idea for me.

So, I've added the original.
Passionate, no?
I'm glad its not plastered acrosst my calf. I'll tell you that. =]


Anonymous said...

haha.. RAD. They're about to fall back onto a water-bed for sure. She's gonna cut off his head and throw it in a field. *badoomp cha*

Why not post the other one?

Neil Graf said...

I put it up. Now its all quite clear. Where I've come from, and where I'm going. Straight to #$%%!

Adrian Molina said...

So hot. The leg extension on the bear in the original sells the sensuality for sure!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I was going to pay you 50 bucks to get that tattoo.

The offer.. is still on the table.

Team Diana said...

Oh wow. WOW!

I don't remember the last time I've liked a drawing so much! Holy holy crap!

Aaron said...

that's the weirdest thing

Arica said...

I remember when the original was born. It was ingrained in my skull meats forever

The classics never die.