Sep 30, 2011


A quick sketch of my wife's wizard, Custard, eluding the orc slavers on her way to Havenglen. Don't worry, she's safe! 

Sep 27, 2011

The Jailor

Another illustration from the D n D campaign I'm running. Can our heroes escape from the fiend- infested prison? Will they kill any innocents along the way (as they have a tendency to do)?
Find out!  ..Later!  ..I'll totally tell you what happened!

Weird Hippo!

Jeez. That's a weird hippo.

Sep 25, 2011

My Boy!

It's been three months now since my lovely wife squeezed this little miracle out, and boy are we just pleased as punch with the results.
Every morning I yank him out of bed and we babble at each other, drooling, snorting and gurgling, until it's time for work.
I hope we can keep that up for a long time.

Sep 24, 2011

50 posts quest!

New header today. I'm starting a run of posts, and I'd like a touch of identity for the blog.
My goal is to post one drawing a day for the next 50 days. I'm interested to see how the pace changes the way I think about this blog. Perhaps I'll find a theme, or make new characters, or who knows what?
Let's find out together!

Sep 20, 2011

 Experimenting with color. Though I never stray too far from minty green.

Sep 18, 2011

 There is some serious stuff happening in the D&D game I'm running right now. I threw the players up against an old friend who had transformed into a monster (pictured). They killed him, like he asked.
Half robot (or warforged, in D&D), half troll. Once they killed and decapitated him, the warforged paladin burned away the troll bits, leaving what you see at the left. Not sure what a magical robot's brain looks like, but I think they would have one, and fancy wood seems a good material for such a thing.