Feb 2, 2008


Here's Vaughn. He's a caracal. A sort of wild cat, native to Africa, that can jump to impressive heights to catch birds. And whats even better is that they use the long tufts of hair at the tip of their ears for communication!

Vaughn is Herb's best friend. He's enthusiastic, optimistic, occasionally violent.. but on the whole, a great guy.
Originally, Herb lived in Africa with Vaughn. Now Herb lives in the frozen north, and when Vaughn visits him he needs a parka.

This set of scribbles was on a post-it note.. I like how when you zoom in it has a nice mottling.


Munchanka said...

The mitten on the tail is pretty brilliant. Vaughn was definitely my favorite character to voice. Like Errol Flynn on some sort of illegal stimulants.

Neil Graf said...

You totally brought him to life, dude! I wasn't sure who he was before you read his lines.. Very Mel Blanc of you, sir. =]

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