Jan 26, 2008


Fizzy is Stu's Stock manager, First mate, and Best Friend. He has a bit of a whistle in his voice, from his overgrown baleen. He is a cheerful, buoyant soul. The kind to skip and whistle about the boat as he swabs the deck.
On a design note, his head may become more convoluted over time. I've been looking at humpback whales online, and they are shaped really well in the wild.. it'd be sad to lose that in the cartoon character. =]

And here's the happy pair together. Stu's gettin all worked up over the big haul of frozen underwear they found floating in the ocean over Norway, and Fizzy is imagining the ocean air tickling his tummy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you gotta blow up that make out session of praying mantis and polar bear. it's hard to see what's goin on in that little pic.

for sure do that.

Fizzy is F-en A. These drawings are tight. Keep it up. The world needs to see your style bitch slap them in the eyes that they're seeing it with.