Aug 20, 2008

Dragons and Otters

They have such a similar appeal,
Dragons and Otters.
Don't you think?

Aug 18, 2008


Here's an update!
Oh what a weekend can bring. I went to the Nissei Week parade in Little Tokyo this weekend, it was a pretty good show. What did I come away with? A renewed interest in Taiko drumming and Akita dogs.
Akita fur is like a dense, soft brush. They have some angularish features and look bitchin as all get-out in a neck kerchief. Like if Dean Martin in 'Rio Bravo' were a japanese dog. I know the possibility has crossed your mind.
Taiko drumming is (apparently, mind you, I've done no research yet) a manner of beating a huge drum and looking as intense as possible doing it. Even when the dudes and gals would dance about as they beat the drums, it was intense.
If there is one thing I love, its intensely beaten drums. Don't ever think otherwise.

Oh, and then I got back to work and turned out this new pic of Rock. He looks more in line with the other characters now, while still feeling fluffy and reasonably un-roosterish. I like it way better!


Aug 15, 2008

Rock's humble beginnings

Rock here is a ptarmigan. He's Herb's best friend and roommate.
The design is still rough. Up until now, he looked much more like a rooster, which isn't gonna work. NOW, he looks more like a ptarmigan, yet less like the other characters. So the design is still in progress..

The ptarmigan is the state bird of Alaska. In the winter their feathers go white and the ridges on the males' foreheads pop up all bright red. This is in the interest of simultaneously hiding from predators and attracting the attention of mates. A highly nuanced maneuver to be sure.