Jan 29, 2008

Bear and Mantis

This is a remake of an image I drew in school. We were talking about the perfect tattoo.. and I wanted either a polar bear or a praying mantis. Couldn't decide. My buddy Pen Ward suggested I just have both. Kissing. The original turned out really sensual.. I was kinda taken aback. I dunno if this lives up to the original's romance, but I like it. Kinda underlines the idea that as artists, we can take any subjects at all, and wrench whatever emotion we want out of them. Thats a really liberating idea for me.

So, I've added the original.
Passionate, no?
I'm glad its not plastered acrosst my calf. I'll tell you that. =]

Jan 26, 2008


Fizzy is Stu's Stock manager, First mate, and Best Friend. He has a bit of a whistle in his voice, from his overgrown baleen. He is a cheerful, buoyant soul. The kind to skip and whistle about the boat as he swabs the deck.
On a design note, his head may become more convoluted over time. I've been looking at humpback whales online, and they are shaped really well in the wild.. it'd be sad to lose that in the cartoon character. =]

And here's the happy pair together. Stu's gettin all worked up over the big haul of frozen underwear they found floating in the ocean over Norway, and Fizzy is imagining the ocean air tickling his tummy.

Jan 22, 2008


So here's Stu. The first character I've put up that is actually from the Mooseheart Jones universe. He won't be in anything too soon.. I just put him up because I like the drawing! Anyhow, he's an Orca what runs a black market around the frozen north with his pal Fizzy. Can you see the lil mustache? I can't. Only because I know its there. Thats achin for a redesign, lemme tell you. =]

Jan 18, 2008


This is Darnley Hamilton. He's a Clydesdale Giraffe. I created him to play the role of Captain of the rescue team at Great St. Bernard Hospice in a lil film I wrote a few years back. He's named Darnley after one of the first fine examples of a Clydesdale ever bred, back in Scotland in the 1800s. I would've assumed they were an older breed! Anyhow, who better than a hearty giraffe to clomp through the snow and espy distressed travelers in the snow? Nobody. I'm proud of how he's so stout of brisket that his back legs don't even touch the ground, due to balance... ahh. It takes so little to make me happy. =]

Jan 15, 2008


er.. Snore!