Nov 9, 2011

Dark Sun on the horizon.

My favorite part of the Dark Sun campaign setting has always been the Dragon of Tyr. That is one badass dragon. He can fry you with his brain, or flay your hide with hot sand breath, or cast wicked spells all over you so complex Voldemort couldn't even recognize what was happening. He doesn't sit on a horde of treasure, he wanders around collecting sacrifices by the thousands and just whaling on entire nations. You hide when you hear his name, that is the deal with this guy.
So our new campaign is set on Athas, the most hard core extreme setting yet. It's like Mad Max and Gladiator and The Road had a baby. It is not pretty. The best part, though, is that when the entire party is so close to death, it tends to bring out the teamwork in players. I just have to remember not to hold back with the punishment.
But I promise to only use this guy as a last resort.

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