Aug 20, 2008

Dragons and Otters

They have such a similar appeal,
Dragons and Otters.
Don't you think?


Lissa said...

I do think!

They are both swooshy, and always stealing maidens :)

Pesky otters and their maidens...

Khylov said...

Chiropractics sir; chiropractics... It's the secret knowledge that makes for the ultimate character design.

I really like this drawing - nice and fluid, and with that chiropractic (yes, there it is again) angle to it. Good stuff, sir.

Tawni Graf said...

Just wanted to say how you impress the hell out of me. Wow, are we from the same gene pool? I like the moose, he's got that "it" factor. Muah.

Love you bro

your sister

Tawni Ann


Good flow in this drawing. Their appeal is similar as long as dragon doesn't breathe fire flames:)

Why Edward Juan? said...

what a combo!

flaviano said...

looooove the madness on the eyes of your characters!