Jun 13, 2008

Herb Again!

Herb's back.
He's a little happier here. Much more inline with reality. Herb's the kinda guy who, despite the hardships life may hand him, remains inexplicably, maniacally happy. Certainly there are bouts of confusion (often), and even fits of rage... but Herb is ever kind-hearted.
And he would very much enjoy a glass of egg nog.
You can see, he wears snow shoes. It's because he's so small. Without them, he'd get lost in the snow!

Hope y'all throw some love about for ol Pops this weekend!


Philip Vose said...

hey neil, it's philip from school. i really like your drawings, your ideas...they're all dope as a mother. you were one of those guys, when i was a first year, who inspired me. yeah. see you around. cheers man.

p.s. i need to learn some masterful dance moves!

Neil Graf said...

Thanks man, I've always appreciated how strong of an individual you are, and how well that comes across in your work.
Dance-wise, you got that acrobatics background, you should get into breaking! =]

EL GRANDE said...

This is a super blog. I can’t stress how cool this stuff is.

Joe y Elio