Sep 19, 2007

Paul Bunyan IS "OFF TASK!!!"

This is Paul Bunyan. He has lost his senses in a fit of bonkers.
A sturdy chap, his formidable mind broken by the immense tedium only office work can impress upon an immortal lumber-man. You see, Paul's been away from the forest for some time. Nowadays, Paul's got a cush middle management assignment.
Paul runs the efficiency department at Struffman, Huffman, McCarborundum and Ron, Projections and Leverages Inc. in Madison, WI. The pressure is abundant, the goals vague, and the fresh air sparse.
This is the story of the day Paul snaps..
and goes..


Kamice' said...

Yah Nills!
very very nice!

Munchanka said...

Aww yeah! Sounds like a cool premise for a comic strip or series of shorts or something. A fine start to your blog, good sir! I look forward to your artery.

Clint said...

where is Babe, ox/secretary? announces "tea time" as he enters in frilly white apron, just as the axe comes down through the pc.

babe, baby. babe.